• Email: asisak@gmail.com

  • IRC: coNP @ irc.freenode.net (#ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-hu, #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-desktop)
  • Jabber (GTalk): asisak (at) gmail.com
  • Launchpad ID: asisak

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Bug Triaging
    • Member of Ubuntu Bugsquad since November 2006
    • Member of the QA team since January 2007
    • Member of the Desktop Bugs team since February 2007
      • more focus on desktop bug triage (xchat, etc.)
    • Openbox: bug contact for package, fixes in Feisty version
    • Tilda: bug contact for package, bug fixes
  • Packaging
    • Gnome 2.19 releases
      • helping to package new upstream tarballs (e.g. devhelp, evince, gcalctool, glade-3, gnome-terminal, gthumb, vte, etc.)
    • Have a look at my uploaded packages

  • Member of the HungarianTeam

    • Support and discussions: #ubuntu-hu @ irc.freenode.net
    • Administrator of the virtual machine hosting our LoCo website: http://ubuntu.hu

    • Helping with the organization and implementation of our Ubuntu Póló Projekt (i.e our Hungarian Ubuntu T-Shirt Project)

  • User support

Future Plans

  • Continue (desktop) bug triaging & fixing

  • Further studies in the "Art of Packaging"
  • More Desktop and MOTU contributions


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