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Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo

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Who I am

I'm a 24 year old Systems Engineer from Arequipa - Peru. Most of my professional experience has been developing software, but I've always been passionate about Linux Systems Administration and Network Administration. I'm currently unemployed (for a year and a half), because in my city is pretty much impossible to obtain a job as a Junior Linux Sysadmin or Network Admin. In the meantime I was finishing my thesis, and continued my studies in several fields.

As a programmer, I know C/C++, PHP, VFP6, Java, bash, but it's been more than a year and a half since I last developed anything in those languages. Currently I'm learning Android Development and I would like to start learning python (To hopefully start an Open Source project of my own).

My experience with Linux started when I was in High School at 16 years old (2001). The first distro I've ever used was Red Hat 7.1. However, living in a Third World country kept me away from the Linux world because pretty much everything is Windows Based (Jobs, Companies, Universities, etc). I've been through Fedora 1 to 4 until I discovered Debian Sarge. I also started to use Debian etch (the development branch), but after breaking my system many times, I discovered Ubuntu (5.04). Since then, I just said to me "This is right the Linux Distribution for me."

My Ubuntu story

My Ubuntu Story really began when I decided to use Dapper on dayly basis.

After being using it for a while, I started my involvement with the Ubuntu Community by doing some Spanish Translations. After helping out for a while, I became an Official Ubuntu Spanish Translator. (2007-12-02)

Along the road, the Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team was also started, and thanks to my involvement in translations, I became one of the 5 Council Members (along with nxvl). We worked hard to get this LoCo approved and now we are an Approved LoCo Team. Most of the work I've done here, besides managing it, is to give talks about Ubuntu in many conferences. (2007-05-25)

I also became part of the staff at #ubuntu-es, and now I help providing support from time to time and controlling the channel, as an Operator.

I also started a MOTU Mentorship for the Intrepid Development cycle, but because I lacked of time by the time, I had to drop of it. However, I restarted my mentorship for the karmic development cycle, and after finishing it, ivoks felt that I'm ready for MOTU.

Nowadays, I do poor translation work on Launchpad because I've concentrated my translations efforts to have the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter in Spanish. I started translating it since Issue #122.

I became an Official Ubuntu Member on 2008-05-29

My involvement

Packaging Related:

  • My main area of involvement is doing Merges/Syncs, however I've also worked on some FTBFS, few updates, and adding the 'status' action for init scripts (Server team related packages). Most of my work is for the Karmic Development Cycle, however I've also done some work for the Intrepid Development Cycle. A complete list of packages can be found '''HERE'''.

  • I've also started the Ubuntu High Availability team, along with ivoks, which is a team dedicated to handle the packages for HA Clusters, such as RHCS, OpenAIS, Pacemaker, Hearbeat, between others, with the goal of having a fully supported cluster stack.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

My main interests are packages related to the Ubuntu Server Team and the Ubuntu High Availability Team. However I've done work on plenty other packages.

Things I could do better

  • Forward changes to Debian.
  • Participate more helping other people in their first stips to Ubuntu Development.
  • And the most important of all, continue to learn all those things that I still do not know about or a know little, but as my mentor (ivoks) said, in the Ubuntu Development Community, you learn something new every single day.

Plans for the future


  • Continue to work with the Server Team and of course with the Ubuntu High Availability team, to make the Ubuntu Cluster Stack rock.
  • Get involved with the Ubuntu Security Team. This is a personal goal as well since I've always wanted to be an expert in security.
  • Get involved with the Desktop team and make the Ubuntu Desktop rock!! I use the Ubuntu Desktop pretty much every day, all day, and it just feels right to start contributing to it.
  • Get involved with the Ubuntu QA Team.

What I like least in Ubuntu

To tell you the truth... nothing!!! Ubuntu simply rocks!! Ubuntu has been pretty much my point of entry to Open Source and I'm glad I've done so. This is a great distribution, a great community, and I would not change it for anything.


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Nicolas Valcarcel

General feedback

I've worked with Andres in the Peruvian LoCo team, therefor i helped him with his firsts steps in the MOTU world and sponsored packages since his start until as resent as 5 minutes ago, he is really keen and helpful and his packaging skills have become good enough to endorse his application, i think he will be an awesome addition to the MOTU and Server teams.

Specific Experiences of working together

I've mainly sponsor merges and some server small bugfixes (for example quodlibet 2.1-2ubuntu1 and nginx 0.7.59-1ubuntu1), when i started reading he changelog i thought it was quite big changes for him, but i was gratefully surprised to see the quality on his work, i even did an extensive QA and i haven't had any complains at all with his patches.

Areas of Improvement

He needs to learn a bit more about the Ubuntu development release cycle, while he nows the big picture, still have some questions on some really specific things that won't be a holder for him to became a MOTU, but it will help more learning more about what is each Freeze exactly for and what does each one of them means in more detail.

Nick Ellery

General feedback

I've sponsored five or so packages for Andres and overall have been satisfied. I never ran into anything major and the quality was strong. When a change was necessary, he was quick and accurate to fix it.

Specific Experiences of working together

Areas of Improvement

Perhaps there were times when Andres rushed slightly causing him to miss little things, which is important to keep away from without a sponsor. Also to know when to submit bugs to Debian without being asked.

Ante Karamatic

General feedback

I've sponsored couple (5-10) of Andres' packages, but as his mentor in Mentorship program I was watching every discussion with other developers. He was always eager to fix things that weren't perfect. It's also important to note that when he wasn't sure about the step he would take, he contacted me and we discussed how to do it and why. Working with others is one of his best qualities. His patches were always of good quality and he tackled every problem as fast as he could. Andres is also a fast learner and I would trust him with every package.

Specific Experiences of working together

Except the Mentorship program, most important area on which we work together is Ubuntu High Availability. He made the first contact with Debian High Availability team and we can now say that cooperation of Ubuntu-HA and Debian-HA could be an example of how good Ubuntu-Debian relationship can be. Just a brief look at will tell you how important is his work in Ubuntu-HA. I'm just sorry we live in different time zones, so our conversation was mostly during very late hours in Europe when I was tired and didn't have patients for all of his questions.

Areas of Improvement

There isn't anything I could add except what Nick said. Sometimes, at the beginning, he was too eager to solve the issue without considering side effects. Experience is something that grows with time and right now, Andres is much more careful than he was at the beginning of the Mentorship program.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I've been very very happy with Andres' work. He worked on lots of things and always came up with high quality fixes.

Specific Experiences of working together

Areas of Improvement

Help with Sponsoring! Smile :-)


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