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Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo


RoAkSoAx or RoAk on irc.freenode.net


Miami, FL.



About me

I'm Andres Rodriguez (4nDr3s or RoAkSoAx). I'm from Arequipa-Perú. I'm a BS in Systems Engineering from Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria. I'm currently living in Miami, FL, where I'm studying a Masters Degree en Telecommunications & Networking at Florida International University.

The first linux distro I've ever used was Red Hat 9. I moved to Fedora Core and then I started using Debian Sarge GNU/Linux and by the same time I knew Ubuntu. I started with Ubuntu 5.04, but it wasn't until 6.06 (Dapper Drake) that I decided for Ubuntu. Then I moved to Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). My current distro is Karmic.

I'm not much of a programmer but I know some about C/C++, PHP, bash, VPF6 (The Only Microsoft Programming Language I still use). I would like to learn Python and Perl as soon as I have a little time. Right now i want to focus myself on becoming a SysAdmin and a Network Admin. For that I'm studying at a Cisco Local Academy to become a CCNA.

I finally achieved one of my goals and that's becoming an Ubuntu MOTU Developer.




Given Talks

  • In 2007, I've taught courses about: "Installing and Configuring Ubuntu Linux" at my University's Informatics Institute for Systems Engineer Students, free of charge. I've done this thanks to a proffessor of mine, who was the director of the Informatics Institute at the time, and who offered me the opportunity to show the Ubuntu Linux World to Systems Engineering Students of the first years of this degree program. I've done this when I was a Student of Systems Engineering degree program.
  • In 2008, I've talked about "Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex" and "HA Clusters in Ubuntu", in a conference at National University of San Agustin, representing the Ubuntu-PE LoCo.

  • In 2008, I've talked about "HA Clusters in Ubuntu", at the College of Peruvian Engineers in the conference "New Approaches to the Management of Information Technology"
  • In 2008, I´ve talked about my Thesis, which is related to creating "HA Clusters in Ubuntu", in the "XII CISAISI: International South American Conference of Systems Engineering, Computing and Informatics".
  • In 2008, I've talked about "Introducing Ubuntu Hardy Heron", in the "Latin American Festival of Free Software Installation (FLISOL 2008)", representing the Ubuntu-PE LoCo.

LoCo Team

  • I'm part of the Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team (Wiki - Web-site), where I contribute on the administration of the mailing list (ubuntu-pe@lists.ubuntu.com), help on the forums, and the IRC Channel (#ubuntu-pe). Here I help and give support to users in both the mailing list and the IRC Channel.

  • I am also one of the five members of the Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team Council (The other members are: Nxvl, P3L, Viperhoot, xander21c). As a member of the Peruvian Council, we are in charge of the Organization of Ubuntu related activities, the coordination of projects, keeping and eye on the other users and make sure they follow the CoC, the administration of the Web site, IRC channel, and mailing list, and diverse agreements concerning to the Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team.

IRC Channels

  • I'm a member of the Official Ubuntu Spanish Support Channel #ubuntu-es. I'm a Channel Operator and help giving support to users. (Access with nickname: RoAkSoAx)

  • I've been approved as a member in the ubuntu-es-freenode team in launchpad, which is the LP group for the #ubuntu-es channel, on 2008-03-04. I have received my channel operator access in #ubuntu-es on 2008-03-06.

Occasional Help

  • I also help new users occasionally in other IRC Channels such as #ubuntu.


  • Become an Ubuntu Certified Proffesional.


  • Andres is a Friend and a good co-worker in the LoCo Team, he has been doing a great job administrating the ML and the IRC channel with me. -- Nicolas Valcárcel 2008-03-12

  • Andrés contributes actively with Spanish translations efforts, helping Ubuntu Spanish Translators team in order to put the Spanish language on the top of the translated languages in Ubuntu -- RicardoPerezLopez, Ubuntu Spanish Translators team administrator.

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