Skynet is the resident channel admin & log bot. Skynet provides mainly features related to channel security and management however does include some user features such as channel logging, weather, youtube, stats and seen scripts. Skynet logs and statistics can be found here

Using Skynet is very simple, to view your current or forecast local weather simply type in ##ubuntu-64-bit

!weather <City> <Country>

!forecast <City> <Country>

The Youtube feature allows you to search Youtube for videos without leaving the channel, simply type in channel

!youtube <search term>

Another feature is the Channel Statistics generator which will allow you to update the channel statistics page, simply type in channel


The Google tool which will allow you to search Google without leaving the channel, simply type in channel

!google <topic>

The !members & !voice command will display information on how to gain full membership, simply type either in channel




help-b0t is the main channel bot for users, it provides too many features to list here so it would be better if you find out for yourself, to list the features just type in channel


Some of the more popular features is the Google script which can be activated by typing either of these. The first command will return a number of results while the second will return the top hit.

@google <topic>

google <topic>

To discover when the last time a specific user was seen on the channel simply type

@seen <username>


package-b0t is in the channel solely to provide up to date information regarding packages in the Ubuntu repository. This popular bot can display package information and also search for packages based on specific keywords. Simply type in channel

.info <package-name>

.find <package-name> 

Karmic Koala is the current default release for package-b0t however it also allows users to display previous Ubuntu versions packages by adding the Ubuntu version to the end of the command. For example if you wanted to search the Jaunty repository then you would enter

.info <package-name> jaunty

.find <package-name> jaunty

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