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Install Kubuntu on Archos 10.1 internet tablet

  • Install SDE firmware (see
  • Generate a kubuntu mobile img using rootstock

sudo rootstock --fqdn archos --login u --password u --keepimage --imagesize 1500M --seed kubuntu-mobile --
dist maverick
  • Mount the rootfs.img of the SDE from your data partition (that is the thing you can mount when doing the USB sharing dance with Android)
  • Mount your Kubuntu .img
  • copy /lib/modules/* from the former to the latter
  • Unmount both (best also run sudo sync)
  • Move the SDE rootfs.img out of the way
  • Copy your Kubuntu .img as new rootfs.img on the data partition
  • sudo sync; unmount and power off the device
  • Power on and hold volume down pressed until the recovery boot thing comes up
  • Select developer edition using the volume button and confirm using the power button
  • If all goes fine you should get to either KDM or TTY login
  • To power off again you'll need to reset by keeping the power button pressed for 10 seconds