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## page was renamed from MobileTeam/Meeting/2007/20071108




Meeting History

NEXT MEETING: 2008-09-04 T 12:00 UTC (20080904)

TIME Change +1 hour November 8th, 2007, 17:00 UTC in #ubuntu-mobile.


Action Items from Oct 24th, 2007

  • Don_Johnson to follow up on USB Client utilities etc.
  • lool to continue looking at the current issues with hildon-desktop this coming week.
  • Carry forward the action -> Intel should verify the ubuntu branch works and suggest changes.

Current Items

If you add items to the list, please add your name to it.

  • Discuss process for Gutsy / Hardy transition (bspencer)

Action items from this weeks meeting

  • tfheen/lool to upload new version of hildon-desktop out of bzr
  • bspencer & horaceli to verify the ubuntu branch works and suggest changes.

  • Don_Johnson to explain USB client use case when user is using ext3 on device and windows on desktop
  • lool to upload h-d to ppa
  • lool to upload an updated MIC which uses the PPA /by default/
  • rob_ubuntu take an action item to report back to the team what i find out and what our requirements will be for graphics drivers
  • davidm to verify a new time for this meeting.
  • carry on "Discuss process for Gutsy / Hardy transition (bspencer)" for next week



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