Meeting History

NEXT MEETING: 2008-09-04 T 12:00 UTC (20080904)

January 3rd, 2008, 17:00 UTC in #ubuntu-mobile.


  • Dates of the mobile sprint are: January 28th 2008 through February 1 2008

Action Items from Dec 20th, 2007

  • carry over lool to take a look at bug # 172426 and see if he can reproduce it. until Jam 3rd 2008.
  • continue to hold open: bspencer & horaceli to verify the ubuntu branch works

  • amitk to update hardy ppa with drivers, (context found, sent to Amitk).

  • carry over, davidm to query build team on best way to monitor the i386 builds and the LPIA builds to stay in sync. (manual)
  • Lexington to test ext3 for boot speed and disk image corruption as soon as an extra CB shows up.
  • davidm to ship his C0 MB when it arrives to Lexington.
  • Canonical to share all info with robr2 on disk image corruption as soon as available
  • bspencer to talk with developers to push get tags when making a release, and report back on status of this
  • davidm to query rustyl on status of PPM (query sent, waiting response)

Current Items

(If you add items to the list, please add your name to it.)

Discuss Moblin Compliance Tests -- bspencer

Action items from this weeks meeting

  • rustyl to put tfheen and Mohomad Abas in touch with each other over PPM



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