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## page was copied from MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110331
## page was copied from MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110324
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'''February 17th, 2011, 15:00 UTC''' in '''#ubuntu-meeting'''.<<BR>> '''April 7th, 2011, 15:00 UTC''' in '''#ubuntu-meeting'''.<<BR>>
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  * [[MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110224]]   * [[MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110331]]
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  * [[MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110310]]   * [[MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110414]]
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 * None  * Everyone with a panda to test panda with mem=1G
 * GrueMaster to create OnericIdeas wikipage
 * everyone, add spec ideas to that wikipage
 * GrueMaster to document released images
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 * http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel-natty-alpha-3.html  * http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel-ubuntu-11.04-beta-2.html
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 * QA Status (GrueMaster)
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 * QA Status (GrueMaster)
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[14:59] <NCommander> #startmeeting
[14:59] <MootBot> Meeting started at 08:59. The chair is NCommander.
[14:59] <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
[14:59] * rsalveti waves
[15:00] <ogra> foopl
[15:00] <NCommander> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110303
[15:00] <MootBot> LINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2011/20110303
[15:00] <NCommander> who's here?
[15:01] <NCommander> There are no standing action items
[15:01] <NCommander> [topic] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel.html
[15:01] <MootBot> New Topic: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel.html
[15:01] <janimo> hellp
[15:01] <NCommander> ptopic] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel-natty-alpha-3.html
[15:02] <rsalveti> help or hello? :P
[15:02] <ogra> lol
[15:02] <janimo> hello for now
[15:02] <janimo> it may beocme help later in the cycle ;)
[15:02] * ogra was wondering exactly the same
[15:02] <rsalveti> :-)
[15:02] <GrueMaster> i'm not
[15:03] <ogra> geez, the overall Wi status looks scary
[15:03] <ogra> NCommander, the second link should be beta ;)
[15:03] * NCommander grumbles
[15:03] <GrueMaster> It will be next week.
[15:04] <GrueMaster> This week is still Alpha 3.
[15:04] <ogra> heh
[15:04] <ogra> for some minutes
[15:04] <NCommander> no beta page doesn't exist
[15:04] <GrueMaster> And it's a good indicator of how we did.
[15:04] <janimo> for some reason 5 of my WIs were eaten by the parser and I cannot figure out why
[15:04] <ogra> http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel-ubuntu-11.04-beta.html
[15:04] <MootBot> LINK received: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/ubuntu-armel-ubuntu-11.04-beta.html
[15:05] <ogra> nah
[15:05] <NCommander> I forgot to update teh WI tracker to postpone his WIs due to spec redesign. that's fixed now
[15:05] <rsalveti> janimo: haha, true: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/u/jani-natty-alpha-3.html
[15:05] <ogra> looks broken
[15:05] <NCommander> anyway, can I move on?
[15:06] <NCommander> [topic] Unity 2D Status
[15:06] <MootBot> New Topic: Unity 2D Status
[15:06] * ogra glares at http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/
[15:06] <ogra> janimo, so whats needed to get us the hedless image ?
[15:06] <ogra> NCommander, no :P
[15:07] <NCommander> ogra: I need to land janimo's branch
[15:07] <GrueMaster> ogra: Can you save that for image status?
[15:07] <ogra> (why do we have an 11.05)
[15:07] <ogra> GrueMaster, still, there seems to be action needed to fix the WI tracker
[15:07] <NCommander> ogra: probably for Linaro
[15:07] <ogra> beta is broken completely
[15:07] <NCommander> [action] ogra to fix WI tracker
[15:07] <ogra> and there shouldnt be ubuntu-armel-11.05
[15:07] <MootBot> ACTION received: ogra to fix WI tracker
[15:07] <GrueMaster> Beta hasn't started yet.
[15:08] <ogra> doesnt matter for the tracker
[15:08] <ogra> it just reports how the whiteboards are set
[15:08] <ogra> date has no influence
[15:08] <janimo> ogra, I don't know what else is needed, these build scripts are not well documented, let alone I am not working on the actual ones running the builds
[15:08] <janimo> so I hope NCommander spots any irregularities
[15:08] <ogra> action: everyone to check their WI status on the whiteboards that the right beta tag is set
[15:09] <ogra> NCommander, ^^^
[15:09] <janimo> or we try and if there are errors we fix after A3
[15:09] <NCommander> I had gotten sidetracked by mono and then alpha 3 to land the headless branch
[15:09] <ogra> i'll find out whats needed and we can do that offline
[15:09] <janimo> NCommander, sure np
[15:09] <NCommander> now can we get back on topic on Unity 2d Status?!
[15:09] <ogra> NCommander, right, please do that with high prio now that you are done with mono (assuming you are)
[15:10] <ogra> NCommander, if you would wait until getting an answer on the move request that would be easier
[15:10] <NCommander> ogra: I'm not, and I don't have a local d-cd instance to test. You may be better off landing the code
[15:10] <NCommander> ogra: I did wait, there wasn't a response either way.
[15:10] <ogra> can everyone please move the remaining a3 items on theit blueprints
[15:11] <ogra> *their
[15:11] <janimo> can anyone see why this whiteboard is not parsed correctly? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-arm-n-handle-core-boot-files-update
[15:11] <ogra> we have 11 open items there
[15:11] <janimo> all those WIs are not showing up in the graphs
[15:12] <ogra> lets do that off meeting, to me it looks fine
[15:13] <ogra> NCommander, can you please add the above action
[15:13] <NCommander> [topic] Unity 2D Status
[15:13] <MootBot> New Topic: Unity 2D Status
[15:13] <NCommander> [action] ogra + janimo to look at why WI don't appear on other-arm-n-handle-core-boot-files-update
[15:13] <MootBot> ACTION received: ogra + janimo to look at why WI don't appear on other-arm-n-handle-core-boot-files-update
[15:13] * ogra shakes head
[15:13] <ogra> <ogra> action: everyone to check their WI status on the whiteboards that the right beta tag is set
[15:13] <ogra> <ogra> NCommander, ^^
[15:13] <NCommander> grumble
[15:13] <ogra> jani and i dont need an action for that
[15:14] <NCommander> [action] everyone to check their WI status on the whiteboards that the right beta tag is set
[15:14] <MootBot> ACTION received: everyone to check their WI status on the whiteboards that the right beta tag is set
[15:14] <ogra> thanks
[15:14] <ogra> move
[15:14] <NCommander> ogra: I did
[15:14] <ogra> premature again
[15:14] <ogra> well
[15:14] <ogra> it kind of works ...
[15:14] <ogra> thats all status i have, many bugs open, upstream is working on them
[15:14] <ogra> move
[15:15] <NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, rsalveti)
[15:15] <MootBot> New Topic: Kernel Status (cooloney, rsalveti)
[15:15] <ogra> very bad from what i grokked from the mail discussion
[15:15] <rsalveti> for omap 3 one the master-next will get merged with 38-rc7 release
[15:15] <ogra> seems .38 exploded with the last rebase
[15:15] <rsalveti> now for omap 4 things are still bad
[15:15] <rsalveti> the current blocker issue is the mmc crash
[15:15] <rsalveti> as reported by cooloney
[15:16] <ogra> didnt he also talk about build issues ?
[15:16] <rsalveti> so this should be sorted this week, and probably merged at our ti-omap4-dev then
[15:16] <ogra> or are these solved
[15:16] <rsalveti> ogra: we got patches for that already
[15:16] <ogra> ah, good
[15:16] <ogra> seems i missed a mail
[15:16] <ogra> or two
[15:17] <rsalveti> but at least with current tests, it seems that it's kind of working well
[15:17] <ogra> plan is to move to .38 as soon as these are solved
[15:17] <rsalveti> yup
[15:17] <ogra> which means also trhat we'll lose .35
[15:17] <rsalveti> it'll be merged at ti-omap4-dev, then we'll request more testing
[15:17] <rsalveti> once it's ok, we'll pull as the default kernel for omap4
[15:17] <ogra> i was wondering if it would make sense to have an upload to canonical-arm-dev PPA
[15:17] <ogra> of the final .35 branch
[15:18] <ogra> so we have a fallback if .38 isnt usable at all during our work
[15:18] <rsalveti> we could create a public ppa for it, if needed
[15:18] <rsalveti> build at canonical-arm and then copy to the public one
[15:18] <ogra> i just thought to make sure we dont get blocked by it
[15:18] <ogra> seems to be not very rebase-safe to me atm
[15:18] <ogra> so it might explode again next rebase
[15:19] <GrueMaster> Well, if we are testing it on the side before making it default, we should catch most issues.
[15:19] <rsalveti> well, at least 38 is almost final already
[15:19] <rsalveti> GrueMaster: sure
[15:19] <ogra> right, mainline is
[15:19] <ogra> but the patches still look shaky
[15:19] <rsalveti> and will be for a while
[15:19] <ogra> right
[15:19] <rsalveti> we just need to test before pushing
[15:19] <rsalveti> then we should be ok
[15:19] <rsalveti> GrueMaster can be our go/no-go
[15:20] <GrueMaster> yep
[15:20] <ogra> i dont want to overload him though ;)
[15:20] <ogra> he is busy enough
[15:20] <rsalveti> not a lot to test
[15:20] <ogra> k
[15:20] <ogra> then lets drop the PPA idea
[15:20] <rsalveti> I don't expect a kernel update more than once a week
[15:20] <NCommander> can I move on?
[15:20] <GrueMaster> ogra: What say I make the call of how busy I am?
[15:20] <rsalveti> any other question?
[15:20] <ogra> you typed yep when i was still typing :)
[15:21] <NCommander> QA Status (GrueMaster)
[15:21] <NCommander> bah
[15:21] <NCommander> paste failure
[15:21] <NCommander> can I move on?
[15:21] <rsalveti> you're having serious problems with your paste
[15:21] <ogra> jep
[15:21] <NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster)
[15:21] <MootBot> New Topic: QA Status (GrueMaster)
[15:21] <NCommander> rsalveti: I've been thold this is proper behavior
[15:21] <rsalveti> hehe, then you're the issue
[15:21] <ogra> fix your palms ?
[15:22] <GrueMaster> Alpha 3 testing was brutal (again). Made it through at the last minute.
[15:22] <ogra> or your fingers :)
[15:22] <ogra> GrueMaster, we werent the last ;)
[15:22] <ogra> kubuntu was respun this morning
[15:22] <rsalveti> and most important, we made it :-)
[15:22] <ogra> yeah
[15:22] <GrueMaster> It won't past muster.
[15:22] <ogra> awesome job !!!
[15:22] <ogra> GrueMaster, NCommander thanks for making it possible
[15:22] <GrueMaster> I also spot tested kubuntu last night. It has more serious problems.
[15:23] <ogra> rsalveti, and thanls for the right suggestion at the right moment ;)
[15:23] <ogra> GrueMaster, kubuntu x86/amd64 was respun
[15:23] <rsalveti> ogra: haha :-)
[15:23] <GrueMaster> Oh.
[15:23] <ogra> not armel
[15:24] <GrueMaster> Well, armel was also respun by NCommander at my request.
[15:24] <ogra> oh, twice ?
[15:24] <ogra> i only saw 03 and no 03.1 when i tested
[15:24] <GrueMaster> Thought it may be also hung up by the same issue. Turns out it has additional critical failure issues.
[15:24] <GrueMaster> Timing.
[15:24] <ogra> (or did you talk about kubuntu armel now)
[15:25] <GrueMaster> Yes.
[15:25] <ogra> ah, confusing :)
[15:25] <GrueMaster> We announced we were respinning in #u-release.
[15:25] <ogra> yeah
[15:25] <ogra> i thought you talked about netbook
[15:26] <ogra> (ubuntu)
[15:26] <GrueMaster> It would be far easier to understand what I was talking about if there were less interuptions. I haven't stopped talking about kubuntu.
[15:27] <GrueMaster> At any rate, I have nothing constructive to add further.
[15:27] <GrueMaster> NCommander: move on, please.
[15:28] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
[15:28] <MootBot> New Topic: ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, janimo)
[15:28] <NCommander> nothing new to report expect livecd-rootfs got a lobotomy to get a3 images out
[15:28] <janimo> getting better
[15:28] <NCommander> mono work still pending a3 release
[15:29] <NCommander> janimo: got anything else or can I move?
[15:29] <rsalveti> it should appear more gl/gles related bugs, now that more packages get updated
[15:29] <janimo> move
[15:29] <NCommander> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[15:29] <rsalveti> for wrong usage or lack of proper detection
[15:29] <MootBot> New Topic: ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[15:29] <ogra> A3 released
[15:29] <NCommander> We made A3. livecd-rootfs got a nasty hack due to webkit sucking
[15:29] <ogra> nothing else to report for existing images
[15:29] <ogra> NCommander, do you need any help with janis changes ?
[15:30] <rsalveti> I'm building webkit with gcc-4.4 to see if it could be related with the toolchain
[15:30] <NCommander> ogra: feel free to grab them and run with ARM Image Status (ogra, NCommander)
[15:30] <NCommander> them
[15:30] <NCommander> %$#W@!!~
[15:30] <rsalveti> but webkit in general is completely broken
[15:30] <NCommander> what I need is to take Xorg apart
[15:30] <rsalveti> and gcc can't help on it
[15:30] <ogra> so its an internal webik error ?
[15:30] <ogra> thats bad
[15:30] <ogra> especially if we cant blame the toolchain
[15:31] <rsalveti> yup, we'll see
[15:31] <janimo> rsalveti, , I saw PPA builds of webkit failed
[15:31] <NCommander> rsalveti: I recommend you prepare the approicate sacarifies to the debugging gods
[15:31] <rsalveti> janimo: that's fine, armel is still building
[15:31] <rsalveti> I forgot that the ppa also builds for other arches
[15:31] <ogra> yeah, who cares about exotic arches like x86 anyway
[15:31] <rsalveti> yup :-)
[15:31] <GrueMaster> I do when the build failures start spamming me.
[15:32] <rsalveti> sorry about that :-)
[15:32] <NCommander> we should have some sorta nice porting team to assign bugs to when x86 breaks since hardware is so scare :-)
[15:32] <ogra> procmail ftw ;)
[15:32] <ogra> NCommander, good idea ! propose that to davidm
[15:32] <ogra> ;)
[15:32] <ogra> so he can bring it up to the managers
[15:33] <NCommander> [action] NCommander to draft and formalize x86 porting team proposal
[15:33] <MootBot> ACTION received: NCommander to draft and formalize x86 porting team proposal
[15:33] * ogra has nothing else
[15:33] <NCommander> */silly off*
[15:33] <NCommander> [topic] AOB
[15:33] <MootBot> New Topic: AOB
[15:34] <ogra> i held a talk at UDD ...
[15:34] <ogra> got some nice positive feedback and actually the hour was filled with questions (i only talked for 10min or so)
[15:35] <ogra> seems there is good community interest in arm
[15:35] <ogra> ..
[15:35] <ogra> err UDW, sorry
[15:35] <NCommander> ogra: watch your TLAs :-)
[15:35] * janimo waits for Daniel to post the daily summary links and I'll check out the transcript
[15:35] <ogra> heh
[15:35] <rsalveti> yeah, saw that, quite nice we had so many people interested on it
[15:36] <NCommander> I'm probably going to be out the rest of the morning and possibly early afternoon
[15:36] <NCommander> I got a grand total of 45 minutes of sleep
[15:36] <NCommander> >.<;
[15:36] <ogra> yeah, get some lseep
[15:36] <janimo> lslepp
[15:36] <NCommander> plan on it
[15:36] <janimo> as in long sleep
[15:36] <ogra> you well earned a break ;)
[15:36] <NCommander> anyway
[15:36] <NCommander> Anyting else
[15:36] <NCommander> else
[15:36] <NCommander> closingin the meeting in 5
[15:36] <janimo> calendar is helpful, just got an email reminding me of this meeting
[15:36] <ogra> nope
[15:36] <NCommander> 4
[15:36] <NCommander> 3
[15:36] <NCommander> 2
[15:37] <NCommander> 1
[15:37] <ogra> janimo, fix your timezone ;)
[15:37] <NCommander> @endmeeting
[15:37] <NCommander> #endmeeting
Line 293: Line 41:
 * ogra to fix WI tracker
 * everyone to check their WI status on the whiteboards that the right beta tag is set

= Weekly Reports =
== Michael Casadevall (NCommander) ==
 * Mono debugging continues

== Minutes ==

April 7th, 2011, 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from last meeting

  • Everyone with a panda to test panda with mem=1G
  • GrueMaster to create OnericIdeas wikipage

  • everyone, add spec ideas to that wikipage
  • GrueMaster to document released images

Standing Items

Meeting Outcome

Action Items

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