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Instructions for installing Ubuntu on ARM Server developer boards is available here:

  • HP moonshot m400:HP Moonshot cartridge based on Applied Micro's X-Gene SoC

  • HP moonshot m800:HP Moonshot cartridge based on Texas Instrument's 66AK2Hx "Keystone" SoC (14.04 LTS only)

  • /Mustang: Applied Micro's X-Gene-based Mustang board (official site)

  • /ArmadaXP: Marvell Armada XP (12.04 LTS only)

  • /Calxeda: Calxeda ECX-1000 and ECX-2000 (discontinued, 12.04 LTS only)

  • /OMAP4: TI OMAP4-based platforms (discontinued)

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