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 * '''Launchpad Entry''': UbuntuSpec:arm-o-port-lightspark  * '''Launchpad Entry''': UbuntuSpec:other-o-arm-port-lightspark
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Port lightspark JIT compilation to additionally target native ARMv7 bytecode. Port rendering routines to OpenGL ES. Port lightspark asm bits to NEON. Port rendering routines to OpenGL ES.


Port lightspark asm bits to NEON. Port rendering routines to OpenGL ES.

Release Note

Ubuntu 11.10 now provides lightspark for the armel architecture, with full optimisations to improve the free flash experience.


Flash on ARM is messy, complicated, and involves long contracts nobody wants to read. Further, there isn't a handy package in the partner archive to leverage for those using multiverse (or partner itself). Provision of a free solution helps the base experience, leaving the negotiations to silicon vendors, ODMs, IHVs, OSVs, and similar parties, rather than being a development blocker.

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