Provide uninstalled packages on preinstalled images, similar in function to the /pool/ directory on live images.

Release Note

Starting with Ubuntu 11.10, preinstall images may contain additional uninstalled packages, to support wider variability of use through advanced task selection, or enable additional networkless configuration for users with unusual needs.


Often there are packages that may be essential at install time, yet are uninteresting for the majority of users. Some examples include specialised drivers that may be required to enable the network for the first time, or a minimal build environment to support post-install module compilation. Similar packages are available in live images, in the /pool/ directory.

User stories

  • Alice is booting an Ubuntu preinstalled image on her tablet, which requires additional out-of-archive network modules. She has been provided with dkms-enabled packages for the modules, and needs to build them in order to access the online repositories. She installs the available software which allows her to build the drivers.
  • Bob is booting Ubuntu on his set-top box, and needs to install the appropriate handlers for his video collection hardware, which varies by country. After Bob has selected the appropriate country in the first-run dialogs, software that matches the video transmission technologies prevalent in his region is installed.
  • Chris is booting Ubuntu on a development board with no networking. He has attached a broadcom USB WiFi dongle, and needs to install appropriate drivers and control software.


  • It is acceptable for these available packages to remain on the system until removed by the user


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