Feisty Fawn

Installed Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn). Everything works. RAM/CPU detected and working. LAN auto-detected, sound fully functional, USB too. No problems.

Didn't tried other Ubuntu (Kubuntu, EDUbuntu...) versions.

Gutsy Gibbon

Using bios 0901 Installed Ubuntu 7.10 (Desktop) AMD64. CPU AMD AM2 X2 3800+ and AMD AM2 X2 5200+.


Sound speaker output works ok.

Sound S/PDIF not tested

Sound input not tested

10/100 Mbit Lan autodetect works

1000 Mbit Lan untested

USB works ok

RS-232 serial port untested

IEEE-1284 parallell port untested

PATA DISK and DVD works and is fast

SATA DISK works and is fast

SLI not tested

Keyboard works OK

Mouse works OK


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