• full-time Ubuntu advocate
  • participating in team discussions on a nearly-regular basis
  • handing out Ubuntu CDs mostly to those who could reach back for minor support issues
  • Being a volunteer at the Tech Museum, I've been providing CDs and support to my contacts there. Because of those, many people are now aware of "this really cool thing called Ubuntu".
  • convinced at least half of my colleagues at my workplace to switch from Windows and Fedora to Ubuntu
  • presented at team's Ubuntu session at SV Code Camp 2010

  • gave out a decent number of Karmic CDs at CLS-West (Jan '10)

  • actively participated in OSCON '09 planning and was a part of SCaLE '10 discussions

  • manned the Ubuntu CA expo booth during OSCON '09

  • supported users on IRC (#ubuntu primarily) for several months during 2009


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