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|| {{https://launchpad.net/@@/mail}} Email: ||aaronhoneycutt[@]outlook[DOT]com|| || {{https://launchpad.net/@@/mail}} Email: ||aaronhoneycutt[@]kubuntu[DOT]org||
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|| {{https://launchpadlibrarian.net/44285406/kubuntu-circle-small.png}} Current Kubuntu Version: Kubuntu 15.04 || {{https://launchpadlibrarian.net/44285406/kubuntu-circle-small.png}} Current Kubuntu Version: || Kubuntu 15.04 ||
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== Past and Current Work ==

== Kubuntu Documentation ===
== Kubuntu Documentation ==
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=== New Kubuntu website === == New Kubuntu website ==
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=== Kubuntu.org Banner === == Kubuntu.org Banner ==
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==== Trips ==== = Trips =
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=== Akademy === == Akademy ==
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=== SELF === == SELF ==


https://launchpad.net/@@/person Name:

Aaron Honeycutt

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/16121192/gem-sm.png Location

Hollywood, Florida USA

https://launchpad.net/@@/mail Email:


https://launchpad.net/favicon.ico Launchpad Profile:

Aaron Honeycutt

https://launchpad.net/@@/language IRC:

ahoneybun on irc.freenode.net

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/44285406/kubuntu-circle-small.png Current Kubuntu Version:

Kubuntu 15.04


Hello, I am Aaron Honeycutt. I'm currently attending Broward College for my Associate in Science Degree in Computer Information Technology.

Kubuntu Documentation


I have worked with David Wonderly, and Valorie Zimmerman to reformat and reinvent the docs that we have now. Currently Valorie and I are rewriting the original xml text to a Wiki and a few others are editing, proofreading, and brainstorming. We currently have about 5 people working on them.

I have been working on getting the Docs up to par for the new Plasma 5 coming in the 15.04 release.


I've been working on getting the Docs from MediaWiki to RST(ReStructuredText) and putting it on github (https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual). I'm also trying to get the other Docs Teams to work towards a common format for the Docs that is easy to use and encourage new contributors.

New Kubuntu website

I worked a bit with Ovidiu-Florin and others to design the site with WordPress.

Kubuntu.org Banner

Designed the banners for: - 13.04 - 13.10 - 14.04 - 15.04



The Ubuntu Community has enabled me to travel to Akademy this year so I can get training with packaging, and some coding. I also look forward to meet some of the people I've been working with over IRC for the past year or so.


Thanks to a fellow Ubuntu user near me I will be going to SELF (http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/) this year as well. I will be doing a talk about my Current Work. I'll also be at the Ubuntu booth with Michael Hall representing the Kubuntu community with a few awesome stickers thanks to valorie!


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