Contact Info

Aaron Lake

Location: Ferndale, MI, USA

  • Email: aaron dot lake at google's mail service dot com
  • AIM: aaronmlake
  • GTalk: aaron.lake
  • IRC: metallikop on FreeNode

GPG Public Key: 35F07241


  • Gnome. I've been a Gnome user since the late 1.x days and haven't lost my love.
  • Packaging. I've done quite a few packages as my role as an Ubuntu MOTU, and am always looking for more places to help out. I really enjoy all that I've done though I just wish I had more time to dedicate to the project.
  • I plan to help out more actively in the LoCo DetroitTeam.

Ubuntu Goals

  • I'm looking for a way to help out. E-mail me if you know of some way that I could assist!

Time Available

  • Usually a few hours a day, though I wish I could dedicate more.


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