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This page is rather dated, but I'll leave the information here for historical purposes. Currently, I'm attending my local University for an undergraduate degree in both Mathematics and Computer Science. Following which, I'll be attending graduate school for general Mathematics. Also, I've stopped using Ubuntu and have gone back to Debian, which I don't mention below, but ran before Ubuntu. Mostly personal reasons, and nothing against the Ubuntu project or community. I may come back to the Ubuntu fold some time in the future, but right now, it's school, work and family that are taking priority.

About Me

Ubuntu My name is Aaron Toponce, and I have been a long-time Ubuntu user and hacker. I am an Official Ubuntu Member and a member of the UtahTeam. I first started Linux in 1999 with Slackware, moved to RPM-based distributions, such as RedHat, Mandrake and SuSE and settled down on Ubuntu when Warty was released. I've been using it since.

Yes. That is the actual license plate that is on my blue 2007 Toyota Corolla CE, aptly nicknamed "Blubuntu".

Ubuntu Americas Membership Board

Member of the Ubuntu Americas Membership Board


Ubuntu I am an active member and current leader of the UtahTeam founded by Christer. You will find me in the #ubuntu-us-ut channel on Freenode under the nick 'eightyeight' and regularly at the meetings.


Ubuntu I am one of the four founders of the US Team Mentoring Project. The project is all about mentoring other states in the United States to become more effective as a LoCo. When founding the project, there were only 3 approved states and 5 additional states, or regions, with teams. Now, every state in the United States, minus 3, has a LoCo, with 15 approved LoCo states and growing. The great thing about the project, is there are no "leaders". Everyone is there to help everyone else. Our project IRC channel is #ubuntu-us on Freenode.

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