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  • Packages affected: Gnopernicus, GOK, Dasher, BrLTTY, Kmag, Kmousetool, and Kmouth (and possibly anything in Ubuntu desktop).


Design a structured testing process for the accessibility features in Ubuntu.


Most Ubuntu developers and even most of our user community never use the accessibility features during their daily work, because they don't need them. At the same time, the traditional users of this technology are often not early adopters of new distros (or Linux at all) or typical beta testers, because they rely on this technology to be available on their platform to make use of the computer at all. As a result many of these features go untested until after the distro is released and major components such as Gnopernicus have often been broken at release time. With a structured testing plan like LaptopTesting we can catch these issues earlier.

Use cases



The HandsFreeEmailing spec was fairly successful, because it encourages testers and developers to see the Ubuntu system from the perspective of a disabled computer user.

We should expand this concept to a range of well-defined use cases and also define a set of typical tasks users might want to perform. The result from this testing will be a set of bug reports and feedback helpful for developers, but also some advice on how best to perform these tasks that might be useful for affectrd users.

Existing test categories (less useful):



Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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