Reviving the Accessibility Team

Questions: What is status of accessibility? TheMuso only one working on accessibility for the past few years, in terms of the actual team itself.

Goals: get accessibility community active * where are we now? * what are we doing?

Organization: * Teams specialized by disability or by type of software? * Maybe initially split by documentation, outreach, and development * Regular meetings - use combination of Gobby & IRC

Action Items: * Updating and creating wiki documentation for Team pages - Nigel & Charlie * Documentation starts at * Mission statement, outreach - * Development recommendations - Luke * Raise awareness of accessibility * Scheduled blogging [everyone who has a blog] * Design personas for accessibility - add to the gallery of personas used by the design team - Penelope to talk to Ivanka * TheMuso to set up gobby server for use during meetings. Gobby and IRC will be used for meetings.

Luke to head development & Penelope to head community/documentation/outreach.

Links to things relating to the Ubuntu Accessibility team: Bugs: Development: Discussion/Team: Launchpad:

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