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Window Manager Independent Acessibility for Mobility Impaired Disabilities


About me, the author: My profession is software developer and I am a person with mobility impaired disability. About 1,5 years ago, I changed from Windows to Linux. As a result of my disability, I needed special settings for my keyboard and mouse/trackball. Without the linux experience of a friend, it would have been hardly possible to configure these settings.

The following article is just a hint for advanced users, having the same problem.

stickykey on the console

To enable stickykeys on the console, you need loadkeys. It is a program to manipulate key mappings and should be available on each base system.

1. Step: Create a file eg. ~/.loadkeys with the following content (maybe, you have to adjust 'keymaps'!!):

keymaps 0-15
keycode 54 = SShift
keycode 97 = SCtrl
keycode 100 = SAlt 

2. Step: Call loadkeys /home/thilo/.loadkeys.

Now, the modifier keys on the right site of the keyboard work with stickykeys.

In the 'Configuration example' below you see a setup for daily usage.

For further information refer to: