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Window Manager Independent Acessibility for Mobility Impaired Disabilities


About me, the author: My profession is software developer and I am a person with mobility impaired disability. About 1,5 years ago, I changed from Windows to Linux. As a result of my disability, I needed special settings for my keyboard and mouse/trackball. Without the linux experience of a friend, it would have been hardly possible to configure these settings.

The following article is just a hint for advanced users, having the same problem.

stickykey on the console

To enable stickykeys on the console, you need loadkeys. It is a program to manipulate key mappings and should be available on each base system.

1. Step: Create a file eg. ~/.loadkeys with the following content (maybe, you have to adjust 'keymaps'!!):

keymaps 0-15
keycode 54 = SShift
keycode 97 = SCtrl
keycode 100 = SAlt 

2. Step: Call loadkeys /home/thilo/.loadkeys.

Now, the modifier keys on the right site of the keyboard work with stickykeys.

In the 'Configuration example' below you see a setup for daily usage.

For further information refer to:


Good point. I thought I remembered there being some utility that did this in the very old days? Perhaps I'm thinking of 1-finger for DOS? In any case it would be very useful to get this formalised in a general script that will work on all systems (whatever the keyboard layout is, etc.) so we can get it packaged for Ubuntu. When your X breaks (on your latest-crack unstable system) and you have to work from the command prompt it would be useful to be able to simply type 'stickykeys' from any standard Ubuntu install and have this 'Just Work'. If you dont have a way of looking up all the settings described above it's a pain. So, who can write such a script? Smile :) -- HenrikOmma