These following is a list of the assistive technology boot options available on the Ubuntu Live CD.

1: Lesser Visual Impairment

  • Features: High visibility theme

  • Description of settings: Enable a high visibility theme with large fonts - use black text on white background as default. Also use large cursors.

2: Moderate Visual Impairment

  • Features: Gnopernicus with magnifier

  • Description of settings: Launch Gnopernicus at boot with 2x split-screen magnification.

3: Blindness

  • Features: Gnopernicus with screenreader

  • Description of settings: Start Gnopernicus with the festival reader

4: Minor Motor Difficulties

  • Features: Enable basic keyboard and mouse AT features

  • Description of settings: Enable StikyKeys (+beep when modifier is pressed), RepeatKeys (700ms and the repeat rate to 10ms) and MouseKeys.


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