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Getting Your Development Environment Set Up

This page explains how to install the development branches from the different parts of Ubuntu Accomplishments so you can contribute.

Step 1: Get The Code

Most people create a sub-directory (e.g. ~/source) to keep the code in. Move to whatever directory you want to store the code in and get the branches:

bzr branch lp:ubuntu-accomplishments-daemon
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-accomplishments-viewer
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments

Step 2: Running The Daemon

Before you run the viewer you need to run the daemon.

Open a terminal and run:

cd ubuntu-accomplishments-daemon
twistd -noy bin/accomplishments-daemon

This command runs the daemon in the foreground so you can see all the output and kill it with Ctrl-C if needed. This is handy if you are hacking on the daemon and want to see the output of your work.

NOTE: Be sure that you don't have another daemon running before you run the above command. You can kill other daemons with killall -9 twistd. On a default install the daemon is started by default on login, so you will want to disable this in the Preferences in the viewer.

Step 3: Running The Viewer

With the daemon running (see the previous step), you can now run the daemon.

If you have the daemon already installed as a package, you want to ensure you have the viewer use the daemon from the branch. To do this you can set the PYTHONPATH. As an example:

export PYTHONPATH=/home/jono/source/ubuntu-accomplishments-daemon/:$PYTHONPATH

Now run the viewer:

cd ubuntu-accomplishments-viewer
quickly run