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 * Petitions
 * Letter writing
 * Calling Officials
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 * Writing letters
 * Petitions

Include(LoCoMenuHeader) Lobbying your local governments, whether it be at the town/city, state, or feral level, to adopt Ubuntu, Linux, Free Software, and Open Document Formats, especially for schools, can be one of the single most effective and powerful things your LoCo team can do.

Under construction


Please use these resources to help create a customized how to lobby government guide specifically for Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Open Document Formats. (We do not necessarily agree with any of the organizations, these inks are just resources to use on how to lobby government)

What to include

  • General Guidelines
  • Research
    • Who to contact?
  • Preparation
  • Petitions
  • Letter writing
  • Calling Officials
  • Meeting with officials
  • Pages to link from

More possibilities

  • Press and Media
  • Finding FLOSS friendly people within the government


Ideas (Please append @SIG@ to the end of your comment):

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