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Clear message

Include(LoCoMenuHeader) LoCo Teams are all working to advocate the adeoption of Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Open Formats, and team activism is something that can make a huge difference!


  • Be Creative
  • Be Persistent
  • Be polie
    • Being persistent doesn't require being at all rude
  • Be Inquisitive
    • Do your research and find the resources you need to be heard
  • Be offline
    • Use the phone and even go out in the real world Smile :)

Lobbying Government

Lobbying your local governments, whether it be at the town/city, state, or federal level, to adopt Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Open Document Formats, especially for schools, can be one of the single most effective and powerful things your LoCo team can do.


Letter Writing



Eductional Institutions

Talking to local schools about Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Open Document Formats, is very important since schools have a lot to benefit from these and we have a lot to benefit from schools.

= Press and Media == Getting media attention can bring us into the public view.

Make the story

Make our case appeal to reporters. Tie the issue to other topics of interest. What are the financial issues? Is taxpayers’ money being wasted? Are jobs being lost? Are the alternatives to proprietary software better for the economy? Make it interesting to someone who doesn’t give damn.

Press Release

Write your own press release. It should read like a news story, not like your group’s manifesto. Put in quotes from group representatives. Be sure to include phone numbers so that reporters can call you to get more details and re-work your press release into their own story.

Fill in the “5 W’s” : Who, What, When, Where and Why. Make sure all your facts are absolutely accurate.

Send your release to ensure it reaches the media before or on your release date. If you are far from a media centre, you can fax or even phone in your release. It is then the decision of the news director in each outlet whether to use your story.

Sample press release: {{{PRESS RELEASE

(Your logo appears here) Group’s mailing address

Headline in Boldface Appears at Top

DATE: Put the date on which you want the story to be released, or put the words “For immediate release: at the beginning of your release.

TEXT: The first sentence should be clear, factual and grab the attention of the reader. It should tell the press what the story is about.

TEXT EXAMPLE: (City): Citizens Organized to Save Wetlands today announced the results of their audit of the costs of the proposed Department of Boondoggles development.

“By our calculations, reviewed by the firm of Somebody Credible Ltd., the Department of Boondoggles will be increasing the provincial deficit by $300 million by choosing this environmentally sensitive site, instead of merely recycling their existing building,” said group chair, J. Q. Public.

Citizens Organized to Save Wetlands are considering legal action if their current petition campaign is unsuccessful in persuading the Department to re-consider its plans. They are also planning a demonstration in front of Department headquarters to take place next Wednesday, the xth of xx, at 12 noon.

“We are confident that good sense will prevail,” said group researcher I. M. Green, “With the provincial election in the offing, and so many environmentally concerned statements coming from the Premier’s Office, we simply cannot believe that this deliberately wrong-headed policy will prevail.

- 30 -

(It is a convention of news releases that they end with “- 30 -”. It tells reporters that the text has ended.)

Contact information: (Don’t forget to include the name and phone number where people quoted in the release can be reached for comment.)}}}

Press Conferences

Beyond press releases, you may hold a press conference but don’t do it unless you have a really good story, or can bring in an acknowledged expert who won’t be available as a matter of course. Hold press conferences somewhere familiar to the media. Make it convenient. Try to avoid having to spend money to rent space. Is there a good community centre close to the downtown? Can you get the help of someone in City Council to use City Hall or the Regional Government Centre?

Under construction

This guide is still being written so please help using the following info Smile :)


Please use these resources to help create a customized how to lobby government guide specifically for Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Open Document Formats. (We do not necessarily agree with any of the organizations, these inks are just resources to use on how to lobby government)


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