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Okay, pardon my obvious (Stupidi/wiki)-ty ... I created /AdamBButler initially, but when I later selected "My pages" from the drop-down menu, I was sent to /adambbutler instead.

So it appears that I've duplicated myself! Ack!

(Rather than merely pointing out that I'm an idiot, the primary reason I'm explaining this is simple: if an Admin happens by this page, kindly delete whichever page is inappropriate and perhaps drop me an email <launchpad SPAM IS BAD AT adambutler BAD IS SPAM DOT net> to let me know what I did wrong...with my thanks!)

Oh, and I suppose there is an obvious selfish component to all of this -- wouldn't want to be accused of spamming or something (not that announcing that I'm a moron is that much better!). Just trying to figure out where I'm supposed to create the "user page" that the LaptopTestingTeam (and other Ubuntu communities on the Wiki) seem to want me to "link to" when submitting, making major changes, etc.

I've worked with Wikis, just never wikified myself! Doh.

-- adambbutler 2009-09-13 20:33:45


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