Adam "RabidWeezle" Smith

Linux Enthusiast

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I have used linux for about 10 years now as a hobby. I enjoy the opensource community and am proud to see it develop over the years into the thriving community it is now. Ever since I heard of ubuntu I haven't decided to try any other distro for it's ease of use. My wife even enjoys it since she can't get viruses or worms like she used to. I can see why Dell decided to sell systems with Ubuntu pre-installed. It's easy to pick up unlike other distros. Easy to install, plenty of support, actively developed, and it seems to work with any system I put it on. I was surprised it worked so well on this laptop. I was expecting it to not see at least a few devices. Installation was beyond painless, I even got to see if it worked with the live cd before I tried it. And upgrading the distro from edgy to feisty was a snap. Microsoft can't say you can upgrade from 98 to xp or xp to vista with just 1 click (or for free for that point).


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