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 {*} #Ubuntu-ma (Ubuntu Morocco group) <<BR>>  {*} #Ubuntu-ma (Ubuntu Moroccan users) <<BR>>
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 {*} #Ubuntu-reviews (Ubuntu Website) <<BR>>
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 {*} #Ubuntu-women-project (Ubuntu Website) <<BR>>

1. Adnane Belmadiaf Name

Adnane Belmadiaf Location

Morocco eMail

adnane002 AT gmail DOT com Launchpad Profile

Adnane Belmadiaf IRC

daker on freenode Linux User

#505405 Registered Ubuntu User


2. Working on

2.1. UMP Team

3. Contributions

4. IRC channels

You can find me on Freenode on the following channels

  • Ubuntu #Ubuntu-ma (Ubuntu Moroccan users)
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-manual (Ubuntu Manual)
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-reviews (Ubuntu Website)
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-website (Ubuntu Website)
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-women-project (Ubuntu Website)
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-fr (Ubuntu French users)

5. Mailing lists

I'm currently reading the following mailinglists

  • Ubuntu quickshotdevs
    Ubuntu ubuntu-ma
    Ubuntu ubuntu-fr-l10n
    Ubuntu ubuntu-manual
    Ubuntu ubuntu-manual-website
    Ubuntu ubuntu-website
    Ubuntu ubuntu-women

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