Meetingology is the development name of the next generation mootbot. It is based on the supybot python IRC bot framework and a total rewrite of the original TCL code of mootbot. The code has come via Debian where it is called meetbot, I have added back some Ubuntuish features, some of which, like voting, will be pushed over to the Debian code.

It should be command compatible with mootbot. That is to say you should be able to run a meeting with all the normal mootbot commands like #startmeeting and [TOPIC] and [VOTE] etc, but you can also do #topic and #vote if you prefer that syntax.

At the moment meetingology is a rather quiet bot. It doesn't acknowledge receipt of as many commands as mootbot does. It is probably going to do more in terms of private messages to the person using the command, there is a general intention for it to not just repeat what you say in the channel, if it is talking then it should be saying something useful, like the results of a vote.

Meetingology does the minutes right. They are in moin wiki syntax

Additional commands


this allows you to nominate an additional chair of the meeting, someone else who can call votes and assign actions and end the meeting etc.


This allows you to provide a list of authorised voters, for example if you have a council meeting where 5 people have voting rights, but there might be 20 people discussing things in the meeting when a vote is called only the authorised voters votes will count even if someone else gets confused and tries to vote.


this actually doesn't do what you might expect, it doesn't give you any help. It is used in a meeting to record a "call for help" or something where volunteers are being sought. This was a Debian innovation which we are leaving in for compatibility more than something we intend to use a lot.


  • private votes don't work
  • you can't put other stuff after a vote, so you can do "+1" but not "+1 awesome!! woot!"
  • some formatting issues remain in the moin syntax output
  • it should attempt to change the channel /topic and if that fails, announce the topic in channel. Currently it does both, which is a bug.

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