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Meeting opened by AlanBell at 15:44

  • <AlanBell> [topic] talk about etherpad

talk about etherpad

  • <AlanBell> so we use etherpad for getting documents started mainly

    <akgraner> that is a great idea

  • _marx_ has not used etherpad

    <AlanBell> [link]

  • <akgraner> _marx_, it's awesome

    <AlanBell> we used it here to draft some new meeting guidelines

    <_marx_> AlanBell: does mootbot still have an hour time shift

    <AlanBell> which kind of falls into the same "make meetings more awesome" project that the mootbot code does

moin syntax

  • <akgraner> yep it's the right time

    <AlanBell> so what did you think of the layout I am using?

    <_marx_> i wanted to see how it looks

    <akgraner> AlanBell, do you have the wiki for your agenda

  • _marx_ still learning moin syntax

    <AlanBell> it is really quite easy to change it


    <AlanBell> so the agenda is a hierachical set of topics

    <akgraner> AlanBell, so you include the Mootbot commands on the agenda.. that's interesting

    <AlanBell> and we are not scared of putting mootbot syntax commands right there in the agenda

    <AlanBell> copy and paste ftw

    <akgraner> yep

    <AlanBell> and giving the chair more time to think about chair things

    <akgraner> I like it - and people can learn the commands with realizing they are even learning

    <AlanBell> good point

    <akgraner> and using mootbot doesn't become so scary

    <AlanBell> it also allows more text to be prepared for a topic

    <akgraner> yep I can see many uses for doing it that way

    <AlanBell> and something I think could be good in several channels is having the text of a vote being prepared in advance

    <akgraner> _marx_, handles the NC meetings

    <akgraner> AlanBell, Smile :-) yep I have to agree

    <AlanBell> [vote] use mootbot in tomorrows -nc meeting

Motion: use mootbot in tomorrows -nc meeting

  • <AlanBell> +1

  • _marx_ needs to move to a different computer

    <_marx_> +1

    <AlanBell> where is akgraner's vote?

    <AlanBell> oh akgraner do a private vote

    <AlanBell> /msg Mootbot-UK +1

    <akgraner> sorry I had a call

    <AlanBell> [endvote]

Results: 3 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstained.

Overall: 3

Motion Carried: use mootbot in tomorrows -nc meeting

Motion Denied: use mootbot in tomorrows -nc meeting

Deadlock. If someone has a casting vote now is the time to use it

  • <AlanBell> ah, bug in the output right now, already fixed but not in the version on the server

    <AlanBell> ok, I think that has covered most things

    <AlanBell> [agreed] yes it has

yes it has

  • <akgraner> yep thanks Smile :-)

    <AlanBell> [action] AlanBell to poke daviey to get the bot in -nc

AlanBell to poke daviey to get the bot in -nc

  • <AlanBell> who is chairing your meeting tomorrow?

  • _marx_ is

    <AlanBell> [action] _marx_ to chair the -nc meeting

_marx_ to chair the -nc meeting

  • AlanBell looks at the source to see if there are any unused commands

    <akgraner> _marx_, what do you think?

    <AlanBell> [idea] think about layout changes that might help

think about layout changes that might help

  • <AlanBell> [progress report] mootbot progress

mootbot progress

  • <AlanBell> good progress seen to date

    <AlanBell> some bugs remaining to fix

    <AlanBell> [endmeeting]

    <AlanBell> oops

    <AlanBell> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 16:00

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Actions Recorded

  • AlanBell to poke daviey to get the bot in -nc

  • _marx_ to chair the -nc meeting