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 {*} Member of the [ Ubuntu Studio Development Team]

 {*} Member of the [ Carrier Grade Ubuntu Team]

My Contact Info

About Me

I am 30 year old Linux enthusiast from Prato, Tuscany, Italy. By day, I am a Free Sofwtare freelance consultant/programmer. I have been using Linux (Slackware, Red Hat, Debian and finally Ubuntu) for about 10 years now. My Linux journey began when I looked for a stable system to connect to local Fidonet BBS node. In 2000, I co-founded the LUG of the my city [ PLUG - Prato Linux User Group] where i advocate Linux and Ubuntu.

Enter Ubuntu

Late 2004, a friend of my local LUG introduced me to Ubuntu - then version 4.10. At the time, I was using Debian and really was impressed with what Ubuntu offered and have never looked back.

Now i'm working on realtime kernel flavour (Hardy at the moment). I have provided a realtime flavour for Feisty, as external debian repositary, and for Gutsy, directly in official archives. For this effort i'm joined to Ubuntu Kernel Team (thanks BenC). I'm also member of the Ubuntu Studio Team which use realtime kernel as fundamental piece.

This month, I found the [ Ubuntu Realtime Team]. The team have plan to support and improve Ubuntu realtime kernel flavour in order to push Ubuntu in very highly demanding business contexts (e.g. industrial automation, financial, robotics, advanced multimedia and telco).

Contributions To The Ubuntu Community

Wiki Contributions

  • Ubuntu [:RealTime]

    Ubuntu [:RealTime/Feisty]

    Ubuntu [:RealTime/Gutsy]

    Ubuntu [:RealTime/Hardy]

Blueprint Contributions

Personal Goals For 2008

  • Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Member.

    Ubuntu Pass the LPI Certification exams.

    Ubuntu Attain green kan in [ Muay Thai].

Goals For The RealTime Team For 2008

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in technical ability and size.

    Ubuntu Support and improve realtime kernel flavour.


Testimonials on my work and involvement in Ubuntu:


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