Alex Gretlein

Contact Stuff

  • Email: <gretlein AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • Launchpad: ~gretlein

  • IRC: iqag

About Me

These days I live in the Lehigh Valley, and work as a freelance translator (mostly Urdu to English) and web developer (mostly php.) I've been using Linux since 2001, and Ubuntu since 2005 (Warty.) I've been working on Urdu localization, and am interested in building up the Lehigh Valley branch of the PA LoCo team. I'm the Team Leader for the Lehigh Valley Software Freedom Day Celebration. I also try to keep up with the various Indian localization efforts and LoCo teams, as I make regular extended trips to India, and also support several users in India, as well as Indian-language users in the US. ...


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