About Me

My name's Alex Latchford, I'm a Computer Science student currently in my last year of college, hopefully going off to University next year.

I live in London and primarily work with dynamic web-based applications, PHP/AJAX and the lark. I have been using Ubuntu since about December 2005, haven't really looked back since, wireless-networking almost got the better of me, but I managed to pull through and I laugh at how easy it is now in Feisty.

I'm currently teaching myself Python in an attempt to be able to participate more within the community, I have been interested in large scale systems for a number of years now and contributing to Ubuntu just seems like a great way to further this.

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Launchpad: alex.latchford
IRC: AlexLatchford


I thought that the best way for me to contribute was to try and get through the gigantic mountain of bugs that are still lying about on, I aim to fix bugs relating to the major aspects of the desktop environment, being on the Mozilla Team I aim to tackle Firefox and it's related plugins, I am trying to crack down on the flash plugin currently as this seems to be a major source of problems. I also aim to help bring the standard of the whole Ubuntu desktop up as far it can go by helping triage as many related bugs as possible.

Being English I have been helping in little bits with the translation of English [en_US] into [en_GB], takes a careful eye, but I enjoy doing it.

Thanks, Alex.


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