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  * Created the palette EdubuntuArtwork/Palette
  * Final Edubuntu Artwork EdubuntuArtwork/Finals
  * Created the palette [EdubuntuArtwork/Palette]
  * Final Edubuntu Artwork [EdubuntuArtwork/Finals]

About Me

I am 21 and a Webdesign Freelancer. I have a good working knowledge of html and css. I was recently asked to be Artwork In Chief for Edubuntu. Though we had a significantly smaller team, we produced some great artwork.

Edubuntu Work

  • Previously worked on the dapper release and created the younger theme wallpaper dubbed the edubuntu Homies.
  • Recently work on the edgy release as Artist in Chief - due to a very small team, I ended up producing almost all of the artwork for edubuntu edgy

    • Created the palette [EdubuntuArtwork/Palette]
    • Final Edubuntu Artwork [EdubuntuArtwork/Finals]

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