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Founding member of Ayatana UX

  • The team coordinates activities like persona generation, distributed user testing, heuristic evaluations, publishing and promoting design guidelines, and collection of ideas from Brainstorm, forums and elsewhere

UX Advocate for Firefox

  • Coordinates with Mozilla to work on Firefox's UX on the Linux desktop


  • Organizer of the Philippine Team Lucid, Karmic, and Jaunty Release Parties

Philippine Open Source Network

  • Lectured on Introduction to Linux and Ubuntu to Computer Science and Computer Engineering University Students
  • Advocates Ubuntu in the Philippines
  • Provides Ubuntu support to organizations

Ubuntu Forums


  • Greater involvement in Ubuntu design
  • Push the Philippine Open Source Network to be a more active advocate of Ubuntu (and even become an Ubuntu Partner)
  • Organizing more Ubuntu-related events


Allan has been part of Ubuntu Philippine Team for a long time now, His offline contribution is very well valued. Whenever a new release comes up, he enthusiastically organized the Team's Release party. which every six months the number of attendees seem to have significantly kept on growing! He's one of the key people whom we owe these successes to. He is also into User Experience, a field where he's passionately engage with Gnome and Mozilla. I believe these valued contributions is more than enough to warrant my full support for his Ubuntu Membership application.

By loell.

Allan stepped in and took the shoes of leading local activities of the Ubuntu Philippine Team when others could not. His involvement with the local community and being active in non-development fields in the project such as UX and design in open source have made himself a local emerging authority on the subject matter. The great thing about him is that he has a focus area of expertise that he wants to excel with, not just with Ubuntu but with other Open Source projects as well (Gnome, Android and Mozilla come into mind). I think his membership is way overdue already and I fully support this.

By JeromeGotangco.

I first met Allan personally during the Ubuntu Philippines Jaunty release party. But even before that, I have already witnessed his enthusiasm and commitment to assist others in the community, specially in Ubuntu Forums. His contributions to the Ubuntu LoCo team has been invaluable, especially when it comes to organizing events that help create that community feeling that is truly Ubuntu. But his efforts do not stop there. His passion for user experience design and usability can easily be seen in his words and projects. And he has not limited himself to offering his time, talents, and resources to Ubuntu, but targets other free software projects as well, such as GNOME, Firefox, and Android. I truly believe that he is valuable member and asset of the Ubuntu community and I completely support his application for membership.

By Jucato.

He's organized Release Parties that seemed like impossible to do (due to busy schedules and different locations of the PH LoCo Team), but pushed through due to Allan's consistency, leadership, and commitment. He's been helpful and informative on the forums, twitter, and other social networks. Leadership via example and servant-hood. He's a great asset to the Ubuntu Community.

By dodimar.

I fully support his application for Ubuntu Membership. His contributions online has helped push projects further (especially in the UX side) while his initiatives offline motivated the local community. Advocacy is his main strength here since he has a neverending vigor in promoting Ubuntu and Open Source Software. He is crucial to the team and cherished by the community. Goodluck Allan!

By DaxSolomonUmaming.


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