The Alternative Desktop projects aims to give a different take on the standard Ubuntu desktop package by offering a different set of packages along with a unique look and feel.


This project has mostly been started for personal reasons. Something to give me an easy to set a desktop more how I envisioned it. I'm also putting it together to give a voice to some of the great progressive folks I've met out there who have great ideas about how the default desktop should look.

The project has 2 aims:

  • To provide a different default list of applications.
  • To explore what the Ubuntu desktop could look like with the technology currently in the Ubuntu repos.

What this is not going to do:

  • Create installation disks.
  • Become a Ubuntu derivative.

It is strictly a set of packages to be installed on top of a CLI install. Though this will raise the barrier of entry for some people anything else is outside the current scope the project.


1. Download a Ubuntu Alternative disk.
2. Add Alternative Desktop PPA to you sources.list:

  • sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

3. Add code below:

  • deb jaunty main

4. Install desktop package:

  • sudo apt-get install alternative-desktop or, for a non-free desktop (codecs and such) sudo apt-get install alternative-desktop-nonfree

Get Involved

Hunt me down on IRC/Freenode. nick: _MMA_

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