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 * Kernel Engineer  * Kernel Engineer, Canonical
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 * IRC: amitk

Amit Kucheria

  • Kernel Engineer, Canonical
  • Email: <amit.kucheria AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>

  • Email: <amit.kucheria AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • IRC: amitk




Ubuntu Member application

Contribution summary

  • Member of Canonical Kernel Team since Jun'07
  • Responsible for LPIA architecture kernel shipped on the mobile images
  • Misc. activity related to kernel and mobile efforts

Contribution details

  • LPIA kernel in Hardy and Intrepid
  • Normal kernel development, integration, bug fixing
  • ARM-kernel support for various boards
  • Interacting with Intel on integrating platform bits (kernel, drivers) for Atom support

Plan and ideas

  • Getting Ubuntu running on ARM
  • Improving out-of-the-box experience on several new mobile/netbook devices
  • Power management improvements in Ubuntu


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