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||<style="border: 0px solid black;"> [] ||<style="border: 0px solid black;"> = ''Hi, welcome to Amy's page'' = || ||<style="border: 0px solid black; padding: 5px;"> [] ||===== Hi, welcome to Amy's page ===== ||


===== Hi, welcome to Amy's page =====

I work in the OEM Channel Programme for ["Canonical"]. My job is to promote Ubuntu by pre-installing Ubuntu on PCs/laptops with computer manufacturers and system builders. I am a national Chinese and am based in Beijing, so I am covering OEM opporunities in Asia Pacific region now, where I believe Ubuntu (and all other Linux) has the biggest potential to succeed. Fix bug No.1 here!


Ever interested to know more about OEM Channel Programme? Or you'd like to introduce me to some system builders who wanna load Ubuntu on one of their product lines? Or... what's the big deal? ... you may just want to ask me something...

You can contact me at:

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