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Vanløse, Denmark

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About Me

I am a web-developer by trade. I mainly doing frontend working, but have also been known to build medium sized CMSs from the ground up. I have worked professionally about 7 years. I am currently with out an employer, searching the jobmarket and doing some small jobs to scrape by.

I have been using Ubuntu as my main system, both for work and in private since 10.04, but have been flirting with it, and filling bug reports, since 2007.

My contributions to the Ubuntu Community

I started translating Ubuntu after the release of 8.10 after discovering some inconsistency with upgrading a server in Danish. I joined the Danish LoCo November 2009 where i participated in distributing cd's in a large mall. I have since become a boardmember in the Danish Ubuntu organization as well as the maintainer and developer for the website ( ). As a boardmember i try to bridge the geographical gap by showing up to different meetings around the country when possible. I also participated in the distribution of cd's for the 10.04 and 10.10 releases. As part of a global jam I hosted a translation jam during the 10.04 development cycle, as well as a full global jam event during the 10.10 cycle. I mainly translate the Ubuntu specific packages, but I also have intergeneration rights for the Debian installer and preformus. I try and help any one who wants to get in to translating Ubuntu and free software. I have made a few minutes after some of the Danish IRC-meetings.


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