Hi there,

I would like to point out that due to the busyness of my day-job, I have had extremely limited chance to look at anything relating to Ubuntu in the last 6-12 months. My work has focused heavily on Virtualisation since late 2006, and Eft is unfortunately miles behind Fedora and RHEL on this front. Stability is critical, and as Eft insists on crashing my box within five minutes of starting a dom-U, Ubuntu is drifting out of my usage-sphere. By contrast, RHEL5 Beta was flawless and has worked fine since before Eft was released.

I work for Red Hat as a Technical Account Manager. I started using Ubuntu with Hoary since about three or four months before it went stable, then I moved to Breezy, then Dapper and now I have moved onto Eft. Before that I have been using Debian in a bastardised mix of Sarge, Sid and Experimental. Going back further I have used RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake, Gentoo, TurboLinux and ROCK Linux.

What do I use Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Xubuntu for?

  • Development - I write perl, shell-script etc.
  • Writing - documentation, letters, business correspondance.
  • Entertainment - I play chess and NeverWinter Nights.

  • Miscellaneous - browsing the web, mail, IRC, jabber and so on.

What hardware?

  • Eft is installed on my workstation at home, a Sempron box, Asus A7V600. It runs various services for me and my family.

What software?

  • Office Stuff - OpenOffice, KOffice, GNumeric

  • Editors - vim, emacs, Kate, Gedit
  • Mail - KMail, Opera, mutt, Evolution, Thunderbird
  • Web - Opera, Firefox, Epiphany, Konqueror
  • more to be added

I am a TAM, but am also experienced as QA engineer, System Administrator and Build Engineer, so I have a reasonably good clue to how the system works. If there is something that doesn't work, I tinker with it until it does or I get stuck and I have to ask if someone else knows the answer. I have had a look at Dapper already on a couple of worker-boxes I make use of and I am working on a totally automated install. I add stuff to my personal Wiki for stuff I tinker with.

What Am I Tinkering With Now?

What do I work With at Red Hat?

  • I work with many things, as I work in Support, but Virtualisation, Red Hat Cluster Suite, RHN, Storage (NFS, Samba), Hardware Certification and Kernel issues are high on my list.

For further details, mail me and I will answer any, well - most, questions you may have.

You can e-mail me here or here. I can also be found on Jabber, just add the GMail address to your roster.


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