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 * '''E-mail'''[[BR]]
 * '''Gtalk'''[[BR]]
 * '''Blog''' [[BR]]

 * '''IRC''' Andre_Gondim on FreeNode.[[BR]]
 * '''launchpad'''[[BR]]
 * '''B
razilian Wiki:'''[[BR]]
 * '''E-mail'''
 * '''Gtalk'''
 * '''
 * '''IRC''' Andre_Gondim on FreeNode.
 * '''launchpad'''
 * '''
Brazilian Wiki:'''

Who am I?

This is my picture.


I'm a Brazilian guy interested in GNU/Linux. I´m a student in Senac College, Análise e Desenvolvimento de Software´s course. Fiancée since 2006.

I want to use and contribute with Ubuntu.BR

Web Presence



Been involved with Open Source since 2000, and more especifically with the Brazilian community since May 2005. Started as a translator for the Brazilian Team and recently approved in Team on 28th in September.

I met [ Og] and he calls me to know how to help in translations, since I get my free time to do this, I´m in [ Top Contributors].

Working on

What next?

  • Completely finish the translation effort to pt_BR by the end of 2007, and waiting next release to work.
  • Involve more people in the translation process, and help the novice´s user.
  • Involve more people in the review translation process, and explain how to do the correct things.
  • Get more involved with the Rosetta team, so as to provide important feedback and help Rosetta become more userfriendly, specially for people performing administrative tasks within their groups!


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