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The Ubuntu-Br Community will be happy if Andre Gondim proceed with 50% of this great job.. ;) - [:FRNSantos:Fábio Nogueira]

Who am I?

This is my picture.


I'm a Brazilian guy interested in GNU/Linux. I'm coursing Software Analysis and Development at Senac College. Betrothed man since 2006.

I want to use and contribute with Ubuntu.

Web Presence



Been involved with Open Source since 2000, and more especifically with the Brazilian community since May 2005. Started as a translator for the Brazilian Team and recently approved in Team on 28th in September.

I met [ Og] and he calls me to know how to help in translations, since I get my free time to do this, I´m in [ Top Contributors].

Working on

What next?

  • Completely finish the translation effort to pt_BR by the end of 2007, and waiting next release to work.
  • Involve more people in the translation process, and help the novice´s user.
  • Involve more people in the review translation process, and explain how to do the correct things.
  • Get more involved with the Rosetta team, so as to provide important feedback and help Rosetta become more userfriendly, specially for people performing administrative tasks within their groups!


Andre Gondim is doing a great work on translations. He is listed on the [ Ubuntu Top Contributors List] and he is working a lot. He is helping to coordinate the work and he is very active. 100% of my support in his candidacy. [:AndreNoel:AndreNoel]

André is indeed a very active member of the translation team and has shown a great sense of responsibility and camaraderie within the team. [:OgMaciel:OgMaciel]

Andre Gondim is a reference on how a new member must act, working mainly with translations and some documentations. He works hard and are always available for helping our Loco Team. I don't know him personally, but i'm sure this is only a matter of time :). I'm happy to support André Gondim's candidature: he deserve it.

Andre Gondim is a very active member of the translators team and ubuntu-br community. I strongly endorse his candidacy to the Ubuntu Team.[:AlexandroSilva:AlexandroSilva]

The Ubuntu-Br Community will be happy if Andre Gondim proceed with 50% of this great job.. Wink ;) - [:FRNSantos:Fábio Nogueira]

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