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About Me

Hello! I'am a 26 years old Italian Software Engineer. I started to contribute to Ubuntu as a community contributor in 2011 with my first patch to Unity. One year later I joined Canonical as part of the Unity team. At the time of writing I'm part of the Desktop Team, working mainly on the whole GNOME stack.


  • Contributed to the Unity desktop, developing and enhancing visual parts, like the lock-screen, the dock, and the key-binding hint overlay among others.
  • Triaged and fixed hundreds of bugs in the whole desktop stack, both upstream and downstream.

  • Helped updating the GNOME stack from 3.28 to 3.30 both in Debian and Ubuntu
  • Implemented Canonical Livepatch integration in the Desktop

Future Goals

  • Keep fixing bugs
  • Improve online-account experience
  • Be more active in the community

Support for Ubuntu membership

If you want to support me to get the Ubuntu membership, please leave some lines below. Thank you in advance! Smile :)

  • I think that Andrea is a very motivated Ubuntu contributor. I met him during last UDS, in Budapest and talking with him he gave me a very good impression. He's skilled and talented. I really think he fully deserve the membership. -- andreagrandi

  • I think that Andrea is a guy with passion and a lot of desire to improve Ubuntu. He's very friendly to discussions with all user. Andrea likes Ubuntu so much and he's skilled and talented. I think that an ubuntu member like him can only improve the whole community -- tanino87

  • Andrea is an exceptional contributor to Ubuntu through his work on Unity. He has grown from fixing papercuts, to bitesize bugs, to implementing large features while working closely with the Design team. He as been part of the group that has lead external contributions to Unity and, and turn, made it a better and more friendly project. He has a great personality and I think would be a great Ubuntu member! -- njpatel

  • Andrea's been to a UDS and his contributions to Ubuntu have been quite substantial. He started off with bitesize bugs last cycle but has been steadily growing into more meaty contributions. As always, my advice is not to take on too much, with an LTS around the corner it's important to pace yourself! -- jorge

  • Andrea has performed incredible work that has brought huge value to Ubuntu. He has exemplified the elements we look for in a member..significant and sustained contributions, bringing great value to Ubuntu, professional and respectful conduct, and overall excellent work. I highly support his application as an Ubuntu Member -- jonobacon

  • Andrea was already a great Ubuntu member and worked a lot on ubuntu projects free software tools not only as part of his work at Canonical, but also in his extra time providing valuable and useful contents to the ubuntu community. He has also been part of the Italian LoCo team events (and gave presentations) when possible. -- 3v1n0

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