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IconsPage/IconFavourites.png My name is Andreas, and I'm a 21 years old student from Sweden. I've been using Linux starting with Slackware a long time ago (1997 or something). Since then I've been using most popular Linux distributions, some more then others. Today my two favorites are Fedora Core and Ubuntu.

I'm currently involved in the following projects:

IconsPage/IconExample48.png At the moment I'm trying to build up a decent SwedishDocumentation, and I hope there will be more people involved in the future. There's a lot of documentation written in english that only needs to be translated. I will also try to publish more security related documentation. I plan to write about topics like iptables, openvpn, nessus, tripwire, snort and other security related tools. But I'll also try to cover other aspects of security like how to properly configure and run popular services and keeping track of log files.

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