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About me

I am an anthropology graduate student in my final year at the University of Copenhagen.

I have studied both anthropology and comparative literature, and I have sought to combine the markedly different approaches to cultural questions that these two disciplines offer. In my graduate studies, I have taken courses at the University of Manchester [] and the IT University of Copenhagen []. It is in this interdisciplinary field between cultural studies, technology studies and computer science that I wish to explore with my fieldwork and the subsequent master's thesis.

I've been using Ubuntu since November 2004, but I'm no hacker or computer expert as such. I have worked for 3 years as a computer support guy in a university department (using macs, primarily) so I do know a fair bit about the end-user end of deal. I hope that my fieldwork will allow me to learn more about the developing end.

Why Ubuntu?

I was first attracted to Ubuntu when I became aware of the Free Software philosophy and the continuing worries about Intellectual Property. I found that I wanted to support such initiative and I when I bought a new computer in the autumn of 2004, I made sure to buy a laptop with no OS pre-installed, to avoid paying for Windows which I didn't want to use anymore. Instead, I began to look around for a Linux Distribution that would fit my needs. As chance would have it, Ubuntu's Warty Warthog was released just at that time, and I managed to get my hands on a copy. Once I had it installed, I never thought about going back.

My involvement in Ubuntu

Not being a programmer, nor having any prior experience with F/OSS projects, bug hunting or on-line fora such as mailing-lists and IRC, I've found myself a bit out of my depth when it comes to offering much help. For the past few months, I've slowly become familiar with the many ins and outs of the Ubuntu project, been reading the mailing lists, and trying my hand at writing patches for the Ubuntu documentation. After the doc freeze, I've also been working with the Danish translators to translate the documentation to Danish.

With my proposed fieldwork project, I hope to be able to contribute to the Ubuntu project in a manner that makes better use of my academic training.

Wiki pages I have edited

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