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Draft bugsquad diary - ["htts://"] Draft bugsquad diary - [[htts://]]
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My name is Andrew Ash, and you've probably come to this page to find out more about me.

Draft bugsquad diary - htts://


My launchpad ID is ash211:

I tend to subscribe to bugs instead of assign them to me, so see for a list of bugs I've been involved in. Bugs I feel I've done well in triaging / solving / submitting:

I've also interacted a bit on, mostly with Amarok.

Accepted Patches

A few patches I've submitted to Amarok have been accepted:

Bughelper contributions

I'm currently working on some code for the new bughelper application:


Here are a couple wikipages I've had a lot of influence in:


I'm a student in Atlanta, GA attending the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I'm currently running Kubuntu Gutsy on a LaptopTestingTeam/DellInspironB130 . I'm a big fan of Amarok, and have just started contributing patches to this great project.

I also exist in these communities:

And at my homepage:

The best way to contact me is by email on launchpad


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