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Ok.. so you want to know about Andrew Alexander Barber?

Andrew Alexander Barber is a young man from a little [but sometimes famous] place called Loch Lomond. It is featured in the famous song 'Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond'. Anyway.. back to Andrew...

Andrew is a student at Central College of Commerce ( He hopes to move on to university next year, to continue studying Software Development. He will be finding out soon whether he is going to Uni or not.

Other than going to college he enjoys many many other things [not to say I love going to college].

He has been a GNU/Linux user for 2 or 3 years. Mainly a user, not programming too much, looking at source code with cross eyes etc. Though that time he has been through a number of distro's and now mainly uses CRUX( and Ubuntu, though that is not solid.

He is here to help out with Ubuntu..first appearing to help with the Scots translation. He is looking around for other things he can help with.

He owns many different machines, including PPC's, Sparc and a couple of x86's. Most of these are out dated, and are found/recovered/given.

Andrew is also a consent IRC go-er. I am spread right across the Freenode network..from ##windows to ##linux. His baby gem channel is #tuxhacker ( Another channel I regular is #tapthru. I am also a member of other IRC networks, of which you can see at the bottom of this profile.

He also moderates a new up and coming fora called Nuxified ( This was after he fell out with LinuxForums ( due to their 'Money Money Money!' approach to things. Nuxified has less bloat, kinder users, more tasks, friendly staff and so on and so forth.

Currently furthering his passion in webdev, he has made a few web sites, including companies, and his own quests.

In the non e-world, climbing and hiking is a much loved activity. He walked 100(well 98)miles across the Black Forest of Germany. On nothing but 5euros for food, accommodation and any thing else. Also a member of the Glasgow Climbing wall, where he climbs on a semi-regular basis. He enjoys spending his evenings in the local pub, partaking in a beer round and talking to friends. He does the normal teenage scene of pubs -> clubs and sometimes home. Often in Glasgow.

AndrewB has been a member of the Scouting movement for more than a decade now. He is training to become a Scout section leader, and currently helps out every possible chance.

He is also a semi-regular at his local Linux User Group...called ScotLUG.

So that is it. I think you now know him...