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My name is Andrew Alexander Barber, a young contributor from Scotland. I am currently studying Software Development at the [ Central College of Glasgow]. I am an active Scout leader in the non-geek world, devoting a few hours per night on different Scout groups.


I am a member of the Ubuntu translation team, helping out primarily with the [ Scots] translation. I am slowly learning [ Scottish Gaelic] too, so may soon be able to contribute with that group also.



I often use Internet Relay Chat to communicate with many members of the GNU/Linux and F(l)OSS community. I am an active helper in the #ubuntu channel, as well as many other channels stretching across the network. Other semi-large channels include #tuxhacker and #tapthru. [ TuxHacker] is a community set up by myself and others to help GNU/Linux users in a friendly way. A lot of the other channels that I am part of, are channels that I have chan-op status and help maintain their community.

Fora/Forum Work

I currently only tend to use one fora, which is one that I also help moderate. The fora is called [ Nuxified], and is aimed at providing help to Free/Open source software. It is part of the [ Libervis Network] and has thus made me more active in the network as a whole. I used to help out on [ LinuxForums] but left due to my stance on many activities of the fora.


I often check on the answers section of the [ Lauchpad site].


I have started working on community documentation for the Ubuntu Documentation team. Submitting articles on things I have worked on in the past and learning new things to document to help other members of the Ubuntu Community.