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After installing Kubuntu 6.06.1 LTS, I had a problem connecting to it via a ssh-tunnelled vnc connection (using x11vnc). The viewer would connect fine, but every few seconds the screen would completely blank.

The x11vnc version in Dapper was 0.7.1-5; the current version (as of 2006-09-05) was 0.8.2. It was easily compiled (./configure && make && sudo checkinstall) after I downloaded the libxtst-dev library (apt-get install libxtst-dev).

Warning /!\ Update: no, it was not the version. It was my screensaver. Any screensaver set to start automatically caused the vnc viewer to also blank its screen, even if keyboard or mouse activity had disabled the screensaver.

Workaround: disable the start automatically feature, lock the workstation and power off the monitor manually.


It's about time

CommunityCouncil IRC log for 2008-08-05:

  • 23:50 sabdfl so i think he knows he was out of line

I am glad to hear the council took the issue seriously.


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