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I am the tech lead for Goobuntu, Google's in-house derivative of Ubuntu, used as an Engineering desktop amongst other things.

I'm also a Debian Developer, my packages are listed at

My current involvement with Ubuntu is bug triaging, and reporting Enterprise-level bugs that we encounter in Ubuntu. We're mainly interested in the LTS releases of Ubuntu, but we also follow the other releases.

I'm interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer, so that I can directly contribute to bug fixes that affect us, and will no doubt affect other large-installation, large-scale customers. I want to contribute to improving Ubuntu's out-of-the-box support for working in an environment that uses LDAP, Kerberos and NFS, as these are areas that are important to us.

I've attended the Ubuntu Developer Summits in Boston and Prague.

My Launchpad page

I'm using this rest of this page to keep a set of useful links for myself

LTS 6.06 bugs

LTS 8.04 bugs accepted

LTS 8.04 bugs nominated

Bugs Goobuntu Team is interested in



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