Andrew Stabeno

Email: <>


Location: Waco, Texas, USA


  • I am a network administrator at Curves International, a fitness franchise for women based out of Waco, TX. Curves is currently in over 50 countries, and the largest fitness franchise in the world. I work mainly on Windows 2003 servers, but my passion is Ubuntu Linux. We are currently in the process of virtualizing a large portion of our servers. I have a degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in Information Systems and Management Science. I have been using Linux on and off since 1998 when I was in school, but currently have been running Ubuntu on my home computer for over a year.


  • I would like to help with Ubuntu training in developing nations where purchasing licenses for Microsoft is financially impossible. I would love to start a training school in Cairo, Egypt to help companies realize the potential of this great Operating system. I believe that computer piracy is stealing, but I also believe that proprietary software is way over priced. Open Source is the best solution for anyone that doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars trying to be compliant. I hate dealing with licenses and

Current Projects

  • I am currently learning the ropes on the Documentation team, and learning about the community. I plan on being as involved as I can be in making Ubuntu a better system.
  • Testing and documenting UFW Ubuntu Firewall

  • Brasero documentation


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